About This Web Site

Photo Below: Me hanging out at Cottonwood Pass on a chilly afternoon, October 28, 2013. Here's my video from the day.

Steve at Cottonwood Pass

My name is Steve and I created CottonwoodPass.net in 2006 because of my love for this mountain region. As a resident of Buena Vista, the drive to the Continental Divide and over to Taylor Park Reservoir is one of the most scenic and special routes to me. I drive it all the time! :)

I've done my best to pack this website with hiking information, pictures, trip reports and interesting stories and tidbits about the area. My largest web site is the semi-popular www.ColoradoGuy.com, which contains the bulk of my hikes, travels and photography.

Thanks so much for visiting. You're welcome to keep in touch via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube.


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