Cottonwood Pass in Colorado

A Drive With Brandi To Cottonwood Pass - October 8, 2006

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Cottonwood Pass Road

My friend Brandi was in Buena Vista, Colorado, and upon meeting, we went for a leisure drive up to Cottonwood Pass while snow came down throughout the high country.
Cottonwood Pass Road Near the top of Cottonwood Pass, and yes, if a vehicle slipped off the road, one would go for quite a tumble!
Cottonwood Pass A new sign has been erected at Cottonwood Pass in the past few weeks! :)
Colorado Snow

Colorado Snow

A couple of examples of all the snow and how poor visibility was.
Cottonwood Pass A nice shot of Brandi.
Cottonwood Pass And look at Brandi's car ... Oooooooh!
Icicle Icicle Check out the icicle hanging down from the sign! ;)

-Photos by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. His personal web site is

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