Cottonwood Pass, Colorado

The Continental Divide Trail at Cottonwood Pass

Cottonwood Pass, Colorado June 10, 2006 - The Continental Divide Trail is a moderate trail above timberline south of Cottonwood Pass. I hiked up a short distance before looking down and snapping this shot.
Continental Divide Trail There is an immediate ridge that overlooks the Rocky Mountains on the Chaffee County side of the divide. Whether you climb that ridge or not, it is definitely worth it to continue up the trail to this peak. This mountain does not have a name, and I simply call it Unnamed 12,500' point.
Colorado Rocky Mountains At the summit of this mountain, a photo looking back. The tallest mountain on the right is Mt. Yale.


Now I would only estimate it being a one-mile trek (at most) to reach here, and there's a rock enclosement that does a great job of blocking the wind from the west.

I also had to capture a self-portrait thanks to my camera's timer! :)

Colorado High Country The scenery is just amazing! (Looking south)
Taylor Park Reservoir You'll enjoy a great view of Taylor Park Reservoir and some of the mountain ranges in Gunnison County.
Colorado Rocky Mountains

Colorado Rocky Mountains

Two views looking east. FIRST: The summit of Mt. Princeton way out on the left side. I can't say with 100% certainty, but the tiny pointed peak right of center is likely Mt. Antero. SECOND: I have explored much of this region, including Jones Mountain and a hike along the divide to Mt. Kreutzer.
Cottonwood Pass Road I love the squiggles of Cottonwood Pass Road on the west side.
Ice Mountain, CO Just beautiful!
Mark from Nederland I met this very friendly guy named Mark, who lives in Nederland (west of Boulder). We actually became friends after briefly meeting, and we hiked near Independence Pass in 2007.

-Photos by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. His web site is

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