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Snow Scenery - The First Drive Of The Year To Cottonwood Pass (May 17, 2007)

Mt. Princeton May 17, 2007 - I noticed very darkish and gray clouds hovering over the mountains and decided to see if there was snow falling somewhere up Cottonwood Pass Road. Here was the view of Mt. Princeton as I as driving west.
Cottonwood Pass Road
Cottonwood Pass Road
I reached the Cottonwood Pass gate and continued driving. Officially, Cottonwood Pass is closed but it was definitely passable in my Honda Accord. There were just two small patches of snow covering the road on the Chaffee County side; I have no idea what conditions are like on the Gunnison County side. My hunch is one should be able to make it to Taylor Park Reservoir fairly easily (at least on May 17), but proceed with caution. Cottonwood Pass usually opens for the season in late May, which is not very far off.

Adjacent photos: Heading up towards Cottonwood Pass.

At the main gully east of the pass, I pulled over to snap some shots of the scenery. Check out how tall that snowdrift is! :)
Snowy Colorado It was quite a winter wonderland up there! ;)
Chaffee County Road 306 One final photo before reaching the summit.
Cottonwood Pass
Cottonwood Pass
Two photos of the view looking west on the Gunnison County side.
Cottonwood Pass The snowy view east of the pass.
Cottonwood Pass Sign
Folks, this drive really made my day. It was my first visit to Cottonwood Pass in 2007!

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  • These pictures were submitted by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. His web site is


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