Cottonwood Pass, Colorado

Cottonwood Pass Photos From Afternoon Visit (July 20, 2006)

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Cottonwood Pass

I must admit I have found myself falling into the habit of visiting Cottonwood Pass when it is most cloudy and rainy... during the afternoons! I'm usually busy in the morning getting work done and by 2 p.m., I am ready to take a break and do whatever: Go for a bike ride, hike, take a drive, whatever. Well, once again, clouds had already rolled in and lightning was sounding in the distance. On this page are some Colorado high altitude photos from the day.

Adjacent Photo: The view of Unnamed 12,500 Foot Peak. I hiked to its summit earlier this year.

Cottonwood Pass Road I walked down past the tundra pool on the Gunnison County side. I love all the squiggles in this stretch of Cottonwood Pass Road. :)
Cottonwood Pass The quality of the photo is poor, but here's a shot of some high altitude flowers that way.
Cottonwood Pass I was sort of playing up there for awhile. ;)
Cottonwood Pass Back at Cottonwood Pass, a shot with part of the view on the east side of the divide. This is looking on the Chaffee County side.

Some hikes in this region:

  • Lost Lake
  • Mt. Kreutzer
  • Emma Burr Mountain
  • Jones Mountain
  • Turner Peak
  • Mt. Yale And on the way back down, I snapped this photo of Mt. Yale. It's a really pretty spot!

    -Photos by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. His web site is

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