Cottonwood Pass in Colorado

Wandering Around Cottonwood Pass (Photos - June 29, 2007)

Cottonwood Pass View
I had some free time on this Friday morning and I visited Cottonwood Pass, one of my favorite spots in the Collegiate Peaks region. The standard westerly view out towards Gunnison County was as stunning and beautiful as ever.
Cottonwood Pass Tundra Pool
I plan to hike Mt. Yale on Sunday, and so I rested a bit today (no major hiking) and instead I wandered about the area. It was very relaxing and pleasant! Above is another shot of the tundra pool west of the divide with a couple of tourists down there who seemed really amused to see snow.
Steve at Cottonwood Pass
Here is today's Colorado snow picture! :)
Colorado Wildflowers
The Colorado wildflowers are probably at their peak right about now.
Gunnison County, Colorado
I walked and wandered quite a bit on the Gunnison County side of the pass and include the nifty squiggles of the road down there.
Ice Mountain
A zoom-in of the "Three Apostles" peaks including Ice Mountain, whose summit is at 13,900+ feet in altitude.
Cottonwood Pass Trees
Stunted trees that surely take a beating from the strong westerly winds up there.
Colorado High Country
This is definitely Colorado at its best!
Cottonwood Pass Tundra Pool
There is still some snow and ice remaining near the tundra pool.
Cottonwood Pass Tundra Pool
That tall peak out there is a relatively easy hike from the Cottonwood Pass parking lot.
Cottonwood Pass
The Cottonwood Pass sign.
Cottonwood Pass View
One photo of the easterly view from the pass.

These pictures were submitted by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. His web site is

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