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Just An Ordinary Drive From Buena Vista, CO To The East Side Closing Gate - March 19, 2009

Mt. Princeton, CO I had way too much time on my hands this afternoon, and so I thought I'd make the scenic drive along Chaffee County Road 306 toward Cottonwood Pass. I figured I'd drive as far as I could until the snow was too much. Every photo was taken with me sitting in my car!

The adjacent photo is Mt. Princeton. I wonder if there is anyone in the history of the human race who has photographed that mountain as much as I have! No joke! ;)

Rocky Mountains I rolled down the passenger window for this photo. It's debatable whether the Mt. Columbia summit can be seen from this vantage point, but that snow-covered mountain area is clearly Mt. Columbia's high country.
Sheep Mountain, CO A nice view of Sheep Mountain in the center. See the bicyclist? I've cycled the pass twice in my life: Cottonwood Pass (2006) and Cottonwood Pass (2008).
Mt. Yale, CO

Mt. Yale, CO

I passed the Cottonwood Hot Springs and the turnoff for Cottonwood Lake. A few tenths of a mile to west, the views of Mt. Yale come into view.
Chaffee County Road 306 Not the greatest photo, but honestly, I thought to myself, "There are people in Kansas and Tennessee who will appreciate this picture... Snap it!" So I did. :)
Cottonwood Pass Road Traveling up the canyon.
Chaffee County Road 306 Turner Peak (the pointed peak on the left) came into view.
Cottonwood Pass Road

Mt. Yale, CO

TOP: The amount of snow in the mountains is definitely much less that past years, but the gate is still closed obviously. Vehicles of snowmobilers were stationed at the Denny Creek Trailhead area.

BOTTOM: Mt. Yale's summit can be seen from the road at the gate. Pretty nice! :)

Also: Check out my first visit to Cottonwood Pass in 2003.

These pictures were submitted by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. His web site is

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