Cottonwood Pass, Colorado

Hike Along North Ridge Of Cottonwood Pass (Photos - June 14, 2006)

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Standing on Unnamed Peak (alt. 12,500 feet) on the Continental Divide Trail, here is the view of the hike I did on the north side of Cottonwood Pass.
Colorado I began at the South Texas Creek Trail which leads into the gulch of South Texas Creek.
Colorado On the ridge looking into the gulch.
Colorado I pretty much walked along the ridge and the first major hill had a rock pile for protection from the wind.
I reached the second major hill and I really like this shot of wildflowers with the Rocky Mountains in the background.

From this spot, the views were quite nice!

TOP: The view of three 14ers: 1) Mt. Harvard, 2) Mt. Columbia and 3) Mt. Yale.
SECOND: Looking toward the northwest.
THIRD: Beautiful high altitude flowers.
FOURTH: Looking back at the first major hill a view of the Cottonwood Pass gateway.
BOTTOM: The view of the west side of Cottonwood Pass Road and Gunnison County.
Colorado Now I really, really, really wanted to continue to the third major hill on this ridge ...

... but clouds were rolling in and it was extremely windy. I made the mistake of beginning my hike at 3 p.m. - not the greatest time of day in so far as avoiding any afternoon monsoon activity.

TOP: Looking straight up, clouds cover the sun.
BOTTOM LEFT: Ominous dark clouds to the west.
BOTTOM RIGHT: I scrambled down to Cottonwood Pass Road and the clouds on the east side of the divide did not look very welcoming either.

These pictures were submitted by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. His web site is


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