Cottonwood Pass

Cottonwood Pass Scenery and Roadside Cascading Waterfall - June 22, 2007

Cottonwood Pass Tundra Pool I had some free time this afternoon and really needed to get out of the home and office. Cottonwood Pass is the closest and easiest place to drive and get away. Note the tundra pool on the Gunnison County (west) side still has quite a bit of snow. ;)
Cottonwood Pass
Cottonwood Pass Road
Cottonwood Pass Road
Cottonwood Pass
Honestly, I was kind of bored up there. I walked around the basic spots along the Cottonwood Pass parking lot like most people do, and I met a friendly gentleman from Mississippi who was vacationing in Colorado for the week.

During my brief visit, I thought, How many times can I take the same ol' mounatin scenery photos? I lumped four pictures facing the Chaffee County (east) side of the divide.

In the third photo, I zoomed-in a bit to show the pointed summit of Turner Peak (alt. 13,232 feet) on the right, which I hiked Friday of last week.

Cottonwood Pass The Cottonwood Pass sign.
Ice Mountain It was quite cloudy to the west, but I managed to capture this one shot of Ice Mountain and its line of neighbor peaks.
Jones Mountain As I headed back to Buena Vista, I snapped one photo of Jones Mountain.

Cottonwood Pass Road
Ahhhhhhh ... but here is the part of my adventure that made it special. I pulled over at this particular switchback approximately two road miles east of the pass.

There was a large creek slowly cascading down a hill. My camera malfunctioned at this point and I had some difficulty taking various sorts of photos, included a grand vertical view of the waterfall. I did, however, capture these there decent ones above.
Jones Mountain
It was a very beautiful area. I looked out and between the trees was a nice view of Jones Mountain.

These pictures were submitted by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. His web site is


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