Steve's 35th Birthday - A Drive To Cottonwood Pass

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Lisa Brownies
September 2006 - It was my 35th birthday and my friend Lisa came to Buena Vista to buy me lunch at the Missing Spoon Restaurant. We had a nice time. She is a great friend!

At one point though, Lisa wanted to inspect my famed George Costanza wallet and she seemed appalled at how large it was! :p)

The second photo shows a wonderful array of brownies that my friend Kansas Kelly sent me.

Cottonwood Pass

Steve Garufi Curly Hair

We drove west to Cottonwood Pass, which is located on the Continental Divide. Now remember, my birthday is in September, and wouldn't you know it that there was some snow and sleet coming down! :)

I included a second photo of my dark hair, which kind of shows some of the snowflakes.

Cottonwood Pass, CO Lisa and I at the top.

On the west side of the Continental Divide, I snapped photos of the standard views looking at west that include the tundra pool.

Clouds were completely enveloping the mountains, but notice just how "orangey" the foliage is. Autumn is definitely in full force at this elevation of 12,000 feet.

Lisa McIntosh Now THIS is an amazing picture of Lisa! :)

Years later, this image would make it as a meme on my Pinterest page.

Miniature Cigar Lisa and I celebrated by smoking a cigar.

That's her's -- a miniature cigar.

Cuesta Rey Cigar

New York Yankees Fan

Mine was a Cuesto Rey cigar, which wasn't too shabby.
Colorado Mountain Scenery Colorado Scenery

Colorado Scenery

Four photos I took as we drove back down on the Chaffee County (east) side of Cottonwood Pass.
Mount Yale, CO A colorful photo of Mt. Yale with fall foliage in the foreground.

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