Cottonwood Pass, CO
Webmaster's Younger Brother Pays A Visit

New York City Resident Mark Garufi Visits Cottonwood Pass & Colorado Sites - July 17-18, 2009

Cottonwood Pass, CO
Mark Comes To Town

My younger brother, Mark Garufi, was in Winter Park, CO throughout the week on business. On Friday afternoon, he finally visited me to spend one day and a half with me in Buena Vista.

On Friday evening, our first order of business was to go for a scenic drive to Cottonwood Pass. My brother is a much more sophisticated photographer than I am, and he snapped countless photos at the divide.

Cottonwood Pass, CO A nice photo of the Three Apostles and Huron Peak showing its head to the right.
Cottonwood Pass, CO

Cottonwood Pass, CO

Two views on the east side of the divide including the final switchback of Chaffee County Road 306.

TOP: Jones Mountain (alt. 13,104 feet) stands as the tallest on the right.

BOTTOM: Turner Peak (alt. 13,232 feet) peaks its summit behind the large hill in the center.

Cottonwood Pass, CO Mark asked me to stand next to the sign! :)
Snow In July Oooooooooh! Look at this! Snow in July! Yes folks, this photo was taken on July 17 ... and I am indeed standing on a large area of snow. You folks in hot weather states have gotta love this! :)

Eddyline Cafe, a Microbrewery - Buena Vista, CO

Mark and I dined at the Eddyline Cafe in the South Main Development in Buena Vista. We ate there twice and we both highly recommend the food and microbrews.

I snapped a snazzy photo of Mark with his pizza with green chili and also captured a good one of both of our pizzas and the six beer sampler. All of their microbrews are excellent and way better than the liquified cardboard corporate crap commonly sold at lower class bars.

And on a lighter note, here are my pages about pizza:

  • Mexican Pizza
  • Paparazzo Pizza (Video 6:09)


  • Mark Garufi Pizza & Beer
    Arkansas River Playhole - South Main Development

    Before dining, we paid a visit to the base of the Arkansas River. Another playhole was recently created for kayakers to do there thing. I tweeted the bottom photo with Mark onto my Twitter profile that evening. :)

    Arkansas River, CO


    Whitewater Rafting In The Royal Gorge

    The next morning, Mark and I whitewater rafted through the Royal Gorge. What fun!

    Special thanks to Allen O., our entertaining and experienced raft guide, and River Runners our outfitter. I do recommend them:

    Royal Gorge Rafting
    1964 Cadillac

    After rafting, we took it easy in the afternoon. Then I took Mark for a short drive in my 1964 Cadillac. Mark took so many photos of "Elma" ... that's my car's name. ;)

    1964 Cadillac
    Deep Fried Cheesecake

    One more frivilous photo. On our way back from rafting the Royal Gorge, we stopped at Fiesta Mexicana in Salida for lunch. For dessert, we had this amazing deep fried cheesecake. Sigh! :p)

    Deep Fried Cheesecake

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