Cottonwood Pass, Colorado

Phil and Steve Drive to the Cottonwood Pass - Photo Gallery

Phil Ladden June 6, 2006 - My friend Phil Ladden drove from Florence, CO to visit me in Buena Vista. He generously bought me lunch at the Coyote Cantina, and then we headed up to Cottonwood Pass to enjoy some high altitude Colorado mountain scenery! :)
Cottonwood Pass, CO I love this shot. Phil captures a self-portrait with his cellular phone.
Steve Garufi One photo of me. :p)
Snow Drifts Check out the large snow drifts that are hanging over that hill. Wow!
San Isabel National Forest The snow has definitely melted quite a bit up there, as seen by the San Isabel National Forest sign that is now fully showing itself. It was practically buried three two weeks ago!
Snowball Phil threw a snowball at me. See the snowball? :p)
Cottonwood Pass, CO One shot facing west towards the Gunnison County side.

Photos by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado.


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