Cottonwood Pass in Colorado

"September Snow" - A Windy Snowstorm At Cottonwood Pass, Colorado
September 16, 2006

Colorado Fall Foliage I originally planned to photograph some of the fall foliage happening along Cottonwood Pass Road, but there was a really windy snowstorm happening on and off all morning. I did get this adjacent photo, which would have looked much nicer if the sky was clear and the morning sunshine was free to cast its rays.
Cottonwood Pass Road
I stopped near the spot where I take my usual photo for my "Colorado Seasons" web site, and wandered around the roadside.
Cottonwood Pass At the last and final switchback on the Chaffee County (east) side, things got fairly icy and slushy.
Cottonwood Pass And to think just two weeks ago I took my visiting friends up there during a beautiful summer-like day with clear blue skies! :p)
Cottonwood Pass
Cottonwood Pass
The views west of the divide.
Cottonwood Pass
Cottonwood Pass
More common views at Cottonwood Pass.
Steve Myself. I'd say it could not have been over 20 degrees up there and with the wind and snow, it made for some amusement over the weather. But geez, I still wish it was summer! :p)
Tire Tracks In Snow Tire tracks in the snow.

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