Cottonwood Pass in Colorado

Snow And Snowmobilers At Cottonwood Pass (Photos - December 30, 2006)

Mt. Princeton
Cottonwood Pass Road
Mt. Yale
Cottonwood Pass Road
I was finally feeling better today after two days of sickness, and I decided to go along the very scenic drive west on Chaffee County Road 306 (often referred to as Cottonwood Pass Road). Colorado had received much snowfall from the previous two days and the mountains were almost completely blanketed in snow.

Four photos on the way to the Cottonwood Pass gate:
  • TOP: Mt. Princeton and the drive-in movie screen.
  • SECOND: Sheep Mountain just east of the Cottonwood Hot Springs.
  • THIRD: Mt. Yale
  • FOURTH: Turner Peak is the tallest peak on the left.
  • Cottonwood Pass Snowmobiling Driving a vehicle over Cottonwood Pass into Gunnison County is impossible with all the snow that accumulates from November to May, but what is one person's disappointment is a source of joy for others, as many local snowmobilers take on the terrain!
    Snowmobile Snowmobiler
    Red Snowmobile
    A few in-action photos of the snowmobilers out there!

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  • Denny Creek Trailhead The closing gate on the Chaffee County side of Cottonwood Pass is at the Denny Creek Trailhead and parking lot. The trailhead leads to Hartenstein Lake, Browns Pass and the summit of Mt. Yale.
    Cottonwood Pass Road One photo as I cruised back down the canyon into Buena Vista.

    These pictures were submitted by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. His web site is

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