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Snowy Drive Along Cottonwood Pass Road - October 22, 2008

Chaffee County Road 306 Cottonwood Pass Road Let it snow! This morning I woke up to the sight of a layer of snow throughout the valley and I quickly turned on my web cam facing my backyard. Although it has been snowing fairly steadily since mid-August in the mountains, this was our first significant amount of snowfall in Buena Vista and the Arkansas River Valley.

I was so excited that I had to drive up toward Cottonwood Pass early this morning to photograph the snowy scenery. Chaffee County Road 306 ("Cottonwood Pass Road") was indeed icy and covered in a thin layer of snow, and regretfully, I was only able to reach about 2/3's of the way to the top. I still think I came up with some nice Colorado snow pictures below and the video clip isn't too shabby either!

So for those of you who live in wonderfully warm and sunny places like San Diego, Phoenix and Florida, I would like to dedicated this snowy page to you!

Thank you so much for visiting this page!

All the best,

Chaffee County Road 306 As I started up Chaffee County Road 306, I stopped to capture a photo of Mt. Princeton for my Mt. Princeton web site. I actually thought this was a creative one with the snowy and ice road included. However, the sun came out in the afternoon and I captured a much better shot that included the mountain covered in white.
Chaffee County Road 306 Continuing upward near the Cottonwood Hot Springs.
Chaffee County Road 306

Colorado Snow

Two more views as I traveled up.
Chaffee County Road 306 A good look at the road.
Cottonwood Pass Road The snowfall intensifies.


Two photos of mountains with snowfall.
Steve I stopped at the upper parking lot (near the Holywater Beaver Ponds) and used the camera's timer.

Yes, that's me folks. I am the proud webmaster of CottonwoodPass.net. I live in Buena Vista and do my best to procrastinate working by traveling and photographing the latest happenings around the pass! ;)

Snow Snow on branches of a young pine tree.
Cottonwood Pass Road I stopped at this particular spot. My car was having a difficult time with the slickness.

Interestingly, this is the same spot Shannon and I stopped at in late May 2008: Photos Of Our Drive.

Ptarmigan Lake, CO The Ptarmigan Lake Trailhead sign. I have been to the lake twice:
  • Ptarmigan Lake (via South Cottonwood Canyon)
  • Ptarmigan Lake Hike
  • Mt. Yale, CO Coming down (traveling east), the view of Mt. Yale.
    Chaffee County Road 306 Continuing down another fairly steep grade.
    Cottonwood Pass Road As I approached the lower end of the canyon, blue skies finally came out.

    -Photos by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. His web site is www.ColoradoGuy.com.

    Driving Toward Cottonwood Pass - Video Clip

    Footage of me driving along various portions of Chaffee County Road 306. I stop twice to narrate about the snow and conditions.


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