Sunset at Cottonwood Pass

A High Elevation Sunset
July 6, 2014 - This was the sunset as I faced west at Cottonwood Pass. I stood at the small pond on the west side of the divide. So pretty!

Colorado Sunset
Violet and orange to the horizon.

Colorado Sunset
An image taken with my iPhone4. The clouds reflecting on the pond.

Photography by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

Mark Shaw's Photos
Beside me was Mark Shaw, a friend who also lives in Buena Vista. Below are three of his images. His website is markshawphotos.smugmug.com.

NOTICE: The three photos below are all owned and copyrighted by Mark Shaw Photography. No use or reproduction is permitted without Mark Shaw's permission.

Cottonwood Pass, CO
A wide angle photo with Ice Mountain on the right.

The pretty pond with the sun's rays afar.

Sunset at Cottonwood Pass, CO
There isn't much that beats a Colorado sunset. Great shot, Mark! :)

Friends In Chaffee County
Steve Garufi and Mark Shaw
"There are no coincidences," some say. I agree. It was neat to see Mark Shaw at Cottonwood Pass with his monster camera equipment. We spent over an hour snapping photos as the sun slowly lowered behind the mountains. It was good to catch up with him. Three years ago when I biked across the USA in 2011, Mark generously become one of my trip sponsors. For that, I'll always be grateful to him.

Mark is also a long-term cancer survivor who's been involved with Reel Recovery for many years. This is an organization that hosts fly fishing retreats for men who are recovering from all forms of cancer. Mark is launching a men's cancer support group in Chaffee County that will be meeting this fall.

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