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Photos Of Snow and Mountains

My Walk On Chaffee County Road 306 Toward Cottonwood Pass - May 9, 2009

Mt. Princeton This morning I drove as far as my passenger vehicle would take me on Chaffee County Road 306 (sometimes referred to as "Cottonwood Pass Road"). As I traveled west from Buena Vista, I pulled over to capture an obligatory photo of Mt. Princeton for my Mt. Princeton web site. :)
Colorado Mountains The adventure begins! I parked approximately 2.5 miles west of the Denny Creek Trailhead gate at the first major switchback that turns right. (I'll estimate the distance at about 0.4 miles west of the Ptarmgian Lake Trailhead parking lot.)

I walked up the road among the switchbacks. Look at this snowy mountain view! :)

Turner Peak, CO Continuing up the snowy road with Turner Peak in view.
Colorado Rocky Mountains

Chaffee County Road 306

Two photos of the same mountain from different parts of the road.

Colorado Mountains

A smashed sign on the side of the road.

My guess is a snowmobiler (or vehicle?) crashed into it. That is probably a good thing, because the adjacent photo doesn't quite show just how much of a steep vertical drop it is down to the road.

Cottonwood Pass Road The lighting was not the greatest, but a nice Coloradoey snow scene. :)
I walked on this path for awhile. So peaceful! :)
Snowy Road Plenty of snow on the road.
Continental Divide

Colorado Rocky Mountains

Two photos of the mountains. That mountain ridge is part of the Continental Divide. Derrick, Aaron and myself walked about five miles on the divide from Cottonwood Pass to Mt. Kreutzer last year. I remember standing on that unnamed peak out there. ;)
Cottonwood Pass Road I turned back here.

Photos provided by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado.

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